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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tarpon Springs Labor Day Show Pics !

We are having a great time at Tarpon Springs this weekend..the area we are set up, is the same as the Sunday Morning Market that will return in October. This show is a smallish one, about 30 vendors, but a nice selection of arts and crafts, antiques, great food, and our Plants, of course ! It has been a busy show and we have met so many nice people..lots of locals and, surprised at many that traveled from down south and mid state to come over the day. We had such a good day on Sat., that we had to send Mitch back down to the nursery to get us restocked, and by late Sunday afternoon, we were restocked..unfortunately, a big thunderstorm came in and shut us down early, but we will be back tomorrow Morning, Labor Day, 9am-5pm for close out the show. Here are some quick pics I managed to get in between customers today....

Our set up at Tarpon Springs Craft Show this weekend..this was taken early Sunday Morning as we were opening up so not many customers yet, but got very busy early on..we had a great time, met lots of new friends, saw some great old friends and had a great time selling plants while listening to great music all day...we got rained out about 3:30, but will return on Monday morning for our final day

"Eleanor Roosevelt" of our Fav's and they all found great homes this weekend !

Our Super Salesman helper, REO, enjoying a quick, quiet moment

Happy Customers with their Butterfly Wing baby purchases !

Our beautiful "Sharonii" Helleconia blooming it's heart out :

Beautiful artwork done on a Rain barrel by fellow vendor..have his contact if you want one too !

Happy crowds coming out on Sunday..notice the big guy with the hat, on the right..yup..its "heyplantman" aka Mitch

Our newest addition to the Passion Vine world..this is a gorgeous bubble pink with white center

Our Red Passiflora and Lady Lavender Passion Flowers hanging out together

"Gator Orange" Hibiscus....a real beauty...solid deep orange...most people know we don't carry "common" things, but when we do, such as hibiscus, it will in colors not commonly found

"Party Time" Alternanthera....lovely variagated ground cover for shade...these customers are buying them to put them around their Oak Trees

Our lovely "Curly Annie" Fern (Emina), this pic probably doesn't do it justice...the leaves are teeny and stack upon each other like coins...a clumper, it will do lovely in a hanging basket for this customer

"Picasso Paintbrush" croton..another crowd favorite...the leaves are very frilly and colorful and very much resemble a paint brush stained of many colors ! This is dwarf variety and is probably the slowest growing croton in the world, but people love them for its uniqueness.

One of our great "Rangoon Creeper" bushes...this is such a unique plant..the flowers change color throughout the day, and then its very aromatic at night....In one of my previous posts, I have a pic of my personal one in a hanging basket..just one of my favs in my garden...mine got zapped pretty bad last January but made a fantastic comeback with a little TLC and fertilizer

One of our "mother" Butterfly Wing plants...this plant is so awesome and so unique....botanical name is Christia Obcordata...we have been growing them for a couple of years..they do best in shade/filtered light (morning sun okay) and we have found, they like to be on the dry side and not too heavily fertilized....they don't like the cold and have to be protected but they are worth the extra effort !

That's all for today....tomorrow is Labor Day and we will be back at Tarpon Springs again from 9am-5pm..we are restocked and look forward to another day of lots of happy customers ! Happy Labor Day all !

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