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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tampa Heights Market Sunday and Missing our Hollyhock !

We had a gorgeous weather day at St. Pete Market today, but unfortunately, someone took our one blooming Hollyhock Display plant..boohoo....not sure, if someone didn't realize it was our display plant only (it was in a ceramic pot with a display only sign but signs get moved accidentally)......also, sentimental loss for Annie as it is a hollyhock I have TLC'd and kept for 3 years, and since it was our only blooming specimen right now, was important to have as a "seller" for our other budded hocks. If anyone knows where my blooming Hock is, please contact us so we can get it back, and we will be happy to replace it, for free. Thanks !

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are going to the new Tampa Heights market for the first time and always excited to do a new venue..can't wait!

Coming up in 2 weeks--the Big Green Thumb Festival in St. Pete at Walter Fuller Park. This is the biggest show of the year for us and we are busy getting ready for it. We will NOT be at St. Pete Market that weekend (April 24/25) to devote all our efforts to Green Thumb. After that, we will be doing our last month (May) at St. Pete Market. Also, in May, we will be having our annual Home plant show at our house in St. Pete, so stayed tuned for details about that !

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