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Monday, April 12, 2010

(pic) Ice of our most popular items right now !

We are recovering from a full round of markets this past weekend and we must apologize that we incorrectly identified the name of the Tampa Market we did on Sunday, whose correct name is "Seminole Heights" Market. Much thanks to Miss Tiffany, a fabulous market manager, for having us in for our first time. The market is located on the grounds of the Hillsbourough High School, and we must say, we felt great karma from the surrounding vendors and the public turnout. This once a month market will run only one more time, May 9th, before retiring for the summer. Hope if you are in the area, you can check it out, and for those who we met for the first time, many thanks for supporting us and the market and hope to see you again in May !

No news on our missing Hollyhock..perhaps I should offer a reward ?!

Here is our schedule for the coming week:
Thur. April 15th Safety Harbor Market
Sat. April 17th Saturday Morning Market, St. Pete
Sun. April 18th, Tarpon Springs Market

The weather sure has warmed up fast, and with it, we are finally seeing plants recovering and growing faster. Our Crepe Myrtles in the front of our house went from just sticks to having mega foliage on them in just 1 week! We are happy to see our palms, Snowbush, Crotons and White Birds recovering too. We have had some hardy perennials lately for our customers and are anxious to get some planted in our yard too. Our Chinese Fan and European Fan Palms both did fabulous because of their cold hardiness and we highly recommend them and will have them available starting this weekend.

Our Hollyhock stock is budding out fast and soon, all of them will be in lovely pink bloom. We also have some fabulous Lavender (Lavendula and the Spanish type). The yellow straw flower baskets are really beginning to show lots of open blooms and new buds, and, we now have Orange Straw flowers in 6" pots available. We also have been selling a lot of Bananas and Figs, which are both fun to grow.

Since the freeze, we have not been able to get much growing so we are depending more and more on going out and finding plant product for our markets. What sets us apart from big garden centers is that we personally drive many many miles around searching out neighboring nurseries in our own and neighboring counties, and we hand-pick every specimen and, Mitch is very particular about only getting the best looking, healthiest specimens, so you know you are getting the best plant for your money.

Happy Gardening and see you at Market !

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