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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sat. Morn. Mkt St. Pete and Tarpon Springs this weekend!

(pic) Agapanthus

We have been so busy this week recovering from Green Thumb and getting ready to get back in the market swing, that I neglected to post earlier.

Tomorrow (Sat ) we will return to Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete. We will have 2 booths packed full of great plants!

And yes, we will have Hollyhocks, AND, most excitingly, we will have different color Hocks !

We also have some gorgeus Agapanthus pictured here, and a brand new crop of Miss Aimee Gardenia, and Pink Mandavilla Vines. Also restocked on our Bananas.

Something new......"Rattlebox" sesbania...this gorgeous looking little tree has bright red petals and cool seeds that "rattle" hence the name.

On Sunday, we will return to Tarpon Springs Market after a long hiatus.

I will post later and try and give everyone a listing of our availability. Hope you can come see us at Market, come early so you can get the best picks !

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