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Monday, April 5, 2010

Gulfport Market bound on Tuesday!

Tomorrow (Tues. April 6th), we return to the Gulfport Tuesday Market. Market hours are 9am-3pm. We haven't been there for awhile due to our show schedule, so looking forward to seeing favorite customers and fellow vendors. The market is doing very well, with a great selection of vendors and good customer support. The market runs along the boulevard from the Art Village Courtyard south..come on down and see us !

We had a fabulous time at the Tropiflora Nursery Spring Plant Show this past weekend. Our hosts, Linda and Dennis Cathcart, are always so generous in inviting special fellow plant vendors to set up on their property for the sale. My "Wollemi Pine" was a hit with rare plant enthusiasts and 12 lucky people got this very special plant.

We also had a great time on returning to the St. Pete Saturday Morning Market this past Sat., after an absence of 3 weeks. Dutch came to help me while Mitch was at Tropiflora. Gorgeous weather and great crowds made for a great market day. It also gave me a chance to stock up from Alice, the Cheese Lady, and I also got some new duds from Tamara, my gal buddy at her Flaming Pearl booth.

Can't believe how fast Spring is going, and Green Thumb Festival is coming up soon..can't wait!

Hot buys from this past week:
Tropical Hollyhocks
Double White Datura
Whirling Butterfly and Gaura---great drought tolerant perennials
Perennial Morning Glories
Geraniums and Hydrangea

Check back in tomorrow when I will give more updates on events later this week. Meanwhile, hope you all are enjoying getting out into your gardens and doing cleanup and replanting..I am so uplifted by new growth on plants that I thought bit the dust in the winter, but are managing to revive !

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