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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hollyhocks are back !! First week of April 2010

HOLLYHOCKS are back ! Back by popular demand, our Vietnamese Pink Hollyhocks will be available this weekend .Gorgeous specimens in large pots, 2 or 3 plants to the pot, in bud and ready to explode with color! We will be bringing them to the St. Pete Market this Sat.., along with having them at the Tropiflora Nursery Spring Plant show in Sarasota on Fri/Sat.

These past weeks have been a whirlwind with shows and trying to find great plants for everyone. We had a great time at the Greenfest in Tampa and only damper was the big storm rain out early Sunday afternoon.

What we have seen and heard, plant stock availability is very limited everywhere because of the Jan. freeze, and growers that had plants that made it through in nice warm greenhouses are already sold out, and the plants that are "growing" are 4 to 6 weeks behind.

We have been telling our customers since the end of January, that if they saw a plant they like, get it then, don't wait, and many of you did wait, and will possibly find slim pickings now. We are currently out of Passion Vines, but do have Pipe Vines, and we are trying to accumulate cold-hardy standard landscaping plants and colorful perennials.

This weekend, we will be back at the downtown St. Pete Market on Saturday, and will also be setting up at the Tropiflora Nursery, in Sarasota for their Spring Plant Show. Highly recommend a road trip for anyone interested...Tropiflora is a world-renown nursery specializing in Bromeliads, Succulents and Orchids. They kindly invite about 30 specialty plant vendor friends to set up at the nursery too, so it's a bonanza for plant lovers ! The event runs Fri and Sat from 9am-5pm..check out the directions at

Also, we were able to obtain a bit more of the special rare Wollemi Pine Plant that I blogged about earlier this month. We sold out very fast with the first dozen we had and will have a few more for those special rare plant collectors !

Also, 3 weeks, the big Green Thumb Festival in St. Pete, and in early May, always anticipated..our giant Yard Sale at our house in St. stay tuned in for details !

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