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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Goings-On !

This weekend, we return to the beautiful Gamble Mansion property in Palmetto,for a Sat-Sun show. If you have never been, just a quick drive over the Skyway to this historic site. We will be part of the Bi-Annual Arts and Craft show and will be the only plant vendor there ! Google "Gamble Mansion, Palmetto FL" for directions. The show runs Sat and Sun from 9am-5pm.

Whats new this week ?! Besides having set up at the Gamble Mansion, we will be at the following markets:
Thurs......Safety Harbor, Main Street Safety Harbor hours 9am-2:pm
Sat. Downtown St. Pete Sat. Morning Market hours 9am-2pm
Sun. Tarpon Springs Market, Tarpon Ave at Alt 19, 9am-2pm

We have BASIL !! After this recent cold spell, most Basils went by the wayside, and we have a lovely new crop coming along. We have a few left of the gorgeous large Spearmint that is flying out the booth faster than we can bring them out ! Also, planning to have this weekend..Bougainvillea ! Another special plant we have is a very new Geranium..its a cross between a Ivy Geranium and and a standard, deep red in color, and just is a new hybrid just out and we are one of the few people to have it!

Our Passion Vines are looking gorgeous and just have a few left of the popular Night Blooming Jasmine, along with the Miss Amy Gardenia. We should have Straw Flowers available this weekend, along with other lovely winter/early spring perennials such as Nasturtiums, Violets and Pansies. Also, for those who saw them, but didnt' get them, and want them now, we still have some gorgeous Bulb is limited so get them now and they will give you much pleasure over the next 2 months as they bloom out in stages.

Was very pleased to go out in the garden today and already see new growth on the Bougainvillea and Hibiscus bushes that got hit hard by the freeze..amazing how these plants can come back with just a little warmth and sunshine ! We are not fertilizing yet, but doing careful trim backs on our landscape plants.

We are getting many questions about plants that were affected by the 10 day cold spell experienced. We know it is very discouraging to look at some much "brown" out there, but be patient, and you will be amazed at what WILL recover. Yes, we are all going to have to replace some things, but considering that the recent cold spell was a once-in-30-year experience, hopefully, we can get back to putting in our favorite things and don't be discouraged to recreate the garden/yard/patio experience that makes you happy :)

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