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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brrrr !! Florida Winterland

Baby, it's cold outside ! (Thursday, Feb. 5th) The past couple of weeks have certainly been challenging with some cool spells, but this week really hit a lot of us hard. Mitch has been working like mad at the nursery to protect our plant stock for the anticipated freeze in Manatee County Wednesday & Thursday nights. After moving and covering as much as we could, the sprinklers were put on yesterday early evening to help keep out ice as well as running water provides warmth from the ground level. He came home to St. Pete last night tired and shivering, slept a few hours, and returned to the nursery about 4am to check on things and make sure the sprinklers hadn't frozen up and affected our pump. I spoke with him at 8am and he said things were holding their own, but there was some ice. The next few days will tell how our beloved nursery has faired. Interestingly, it is suppose to warm up quite quickly by Saturday, so we will be working hard on Friday to get our trailer loads together for our Markets at St. Pete and Bradenton on Saturday and hopefully will have good looking stock that has stood up to the challenge of the past few days.

At our house in St. Pete (Pinellas County), there was not the threat of freeze but temps were still suppose to be in low 30's. Of course, we have quite the garden at our home, so I watered everything well and covered up most of my favorites. I moved many of the smaller plants to the coverage of our carport, covering them with dozens of Goodwill sheets. The fun part was, our neighborhood kitty "Lily" had lots of fun dashing in and out from under the sheets.

It's almost noon and the sun is out so that will provide some good warmth until tonight when temps will fall again. I know it's a lot of work to protect plants, so hoping everyone has good luck with protecting their beloved gardens this week!

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