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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who are we?!

"We" are.....Mitch Armstrong Nursery, out of Palmetto, FL ( a little town just south of the Tampa Bay area, just over the big ole Skyway Bridge). I have been in the plant business all my life, following in the footsteps of my family. I have done a lot of different things in the plant business, but my main passion is for rare and unusual tropical plants. I live in St. Petersburg, but my nursery property of 4 acres is down in Palmetto, so that means I travel across the bay daily.

My main business is selling plants at Pinellas County Farmer's markets, as well as doing a dozen major botanical shows all over Florida and the Southeast US. I am proud to be one of the core original vendors for the St. Pete Saturday Morning Market which has just started it's 7th season.

I am very lucky to have someone special to join me in my plant escapades, my "Annie". Annie was the first operational manager for the St. Pete Market and then I talked her into working "for, and with" me, 4 years ago. Annie will be a frequent contributor to our posts, because, let's face it, I am not a great typist !

We have been very luck to have great families, great friends and loyal customers who have supported us in more ways than one and we have been swearing we would get the website up and running..well, you know how that is, but it's great we have found this option to communicate with everyone.

We look forward to sharing our market days, personal stuff and of course, great plant info and conversation. Thanks for joining us and welcome all plant lovers!

Mitch & Annie

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