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Sunday, October 12, 2008

1st market day Oct. 4, 2008

Wow, new location in the parking lot at Al Lang Field, at 1st ave. so. and 1st street for the opening of the market day. Busy day as lots happening downtown. Got there at 6 am, still pitch dark and already a line of vendor cars with shining headlight beacons coming into the area. We managed to squeeze the truck and our 16' trailer into the lot and got unloaded in record time. We have prime space at the main entrance, and wonderfully, great trees to provide some shade and coverage. Unfortunately, major winds coming off the bay made for a windy start and lots of our plants falling about. The Susan Kolman Cancer walk was happening too and there was thousands of people in pink, running past us to complete their marathon, then coming back to market to check everything out.
The new location grants the vendors extra space, and more importantly, the customers wider aisles to get around market. The Urban Gypsies were there to welcome all with their great vocal and drumming.

Was so great to see so many vendor friends that we have missed over the summer. All of us were talking about having a lean summer and the relief we felt for the market resuming.

Some of our favorite vendors friends..check them out..wonderful people and wonderful products:
Gyula, the Bromeliad Guy
Linda Taylor, Its our Nature
Katherine, PlantopiaGifts
Bob, the Adirondak Furniture Guy
Michael and his wonderful pastries (yum)
Connie and her crew of Bob & Daughter Produce
Mona! Great herbs, and wonderful source for healing products
Sam & Bonnie with great Florida memorabilia, Haresh, with his exotic Indian products, Mike the BBQ guy, Lee the Kettlecorn guy, ValGal Jewelry (who gives the best hugs), Brady and his crew cooking up turkey legs, Milly putting out her sweet potato many more, and you will hear about them!

We had gorgeous tropical hollyhocks that got many ooohs and ahhhs....exhausting day, but great to get going for the Fall season.

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