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Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Leaf Tibouchina

This is one of our favorite plants. The leaves are large and velvety soft and it producing a deep violet bloom that starts in the Summer and goes well into Winter. While it looks like it is high maintenance, it certainly is not. It can be on a very dry side and still not wilt. It does best in shade/filtered light and will take morning sun. The plant can grow to 5' plus and 3' across, but takes to pruning very nicely, and what's better, you can propagate very easily by snipping back the thick branches under a nodule, let it sit out at least one night for the end to seal up, then just stick the cutting into a pot of moist soil...soon you will have new leave shoots coming out.

Many people ask about Tibouchina as there is a different variety that is smaller leaf, purple blooms, but can take lots of sun. We usually have these available in the Spring. We have seen many of glorious trees/bushes of these around town, so keep your eyes peeled !

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