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Monday, October 13, 2008

2nd Market Day Sat. Oct. 11th

A beautiful morning and calm winds awaited the second day of the new season. We have changed our set up so our "check out area" is across from our main display area. This means we have more room to display our plants as well as provide plenty of wide access for customers arriving on market. Remember, we are happy to hold all purchases while you walk around the market.

What plants went flying out?!
Hollyhocks, Hibiscus ("Hula Girl", one of the largest blooms, with gorgeous yellow color) & the Bright Orange hibiscus with red centers; Big leaf Tibouchina (these are the ones with the large soft leaves with deep violet blooms--we still have lots of good size babies going in 6" pots that are ready to bloom all the way into winter); Passion Vines (we currently have Purple, Red & Maroon); Bamboo Palms (what a great plant for shade outdoors, but also durable plant for indoors..we sell a lot to customers for their homes and offices); Black-eyed Susan and Morning Glory Vines (both provide hardy coverage for fences and arbors and can take our hot Fla. sun).

What's coming?
Our current crop of Papayas are looking great, and we have peppers and figs coming along. A lot of people have asked for more citrus, especially Mango, Oranges & Lemons & Avocados and we will have them available soon!

Vendor friend highlight! Alice, the Cheese Lady, is one of our favorite vendor friends. She has wonderful cheeses of all kinds, at great prices! She will be happy to give you a sample to taste, so check her out. Her cheese come in small packaging so you can try something new every week.

While we were busy at market, Annie vended at St. Pete Clay Factory Ave. South for their , at 22nd St. and 5thOctoberfest, which benefited Animal Rescue (a truly great cause). If you have a chance, visit the Clay Factory where you can find all sorts of great Pottery to buy for yourself and for gifts. The factory also provides space for local artists to make and ply their trade. The building is a historic railroad station that has been rehabbed, and kudoos to Charlie Parker, his partners, staff and volunteers for turning a building that may have been razed, into a viable enterprise that benefits all the community.

All in all, a very busy weekend and whooooaaa on this heat and humidity that continues to hang around...let's hope for some cooooool weather to come our way real soon!

Happy Garden'ng !

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