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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fall Season and Market Season is Ready to Go !

Greetings All !

It's been a long summer and we are so excited that our new Gardening Season is beginning again, starting with the opening of Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, this Sat., Oct. 6th.

We have been busy tending the Home Nursery and we have some fabulous Plants we have gathered from far and near to bring to you, our loyal customers.

First, blooming a little earlier than usual, our Blue Ginger Plants are happily putting out that distinct Blue hue in our nursery. We had them nestled among other foliage and were pleasantly surprised when we saw that gorgeous blue deliciousness popping above its neighbors. This is NOT a plant commonly found, usually only at botanical shows, and one of the few True Blue color plants to be found in the garden.  Not a true ginger, it resembles Gingers by its leaf structure. It is a great Fall bloomer and actually loves being on the dry side, so it is low maintenance.  She is special !

Of course, continuing our search for the best Mini Succulents and Cacti, we are fully stocked up with a great selection - all hand picked by Mitch and I, and, you asked for it, larger specimens are available too !

We were thrilled to get larger specimens of the the popular "Bunny Ears" and "Fairy Castle" cacti, and Annie has planted them up in nice white containers with soil cover so they are ready to just place on your sunny windowsills and patios.

New this season - Annie's Plant Pallette ! We have created this little subdivision, headed by Annie, that will fulfill the needs of customers wanting Bulk Mini Succulents and Cacti for Weddings, Showers, Parties etc. Feel free to talk to Annie at Market or send an email to get all the info about pricing and availability.  Each event is unique and pricing is based on quantity, size and types of plants.  Annie has already been servicing many customers with needs for bulk plants for special events and we aim to expand this endeavor that will give you a great price break and ease of availability and timing for your special event !


This time of year is a great time to get back into getting hardy Perennials for your garden and we have lovely Cannas, Celosia, Mona Lavender, Dwarf Vinca, Dwarf Cyperus, and even some gorgeous Ornamental Bananas. And for all you Pesto lovers, the first Basil of the season is available.

Due to popular demand, we continue to offer great plants for Outdoor Shade and Indoor Gardening for your Home and Office.  Calatheas, Ferns, Alocasias and Pink Bromeliads fill the bill, and we have back one of our favorites, that has been hard to find, "Tiny Dancer" Alocasia, as well as a new hybrid called "Mini Ray", which is a dwarf version of the popular Sting Ray alocasia.

Yes, it's still summer -like around here, and we are all still battling the no-seeums and pesky gnats, and the perfect solution is the Alata Nepenthese plant that will capture those pesky bugs and turn them into food, and give you some pest-free air to enjoy on your patios !

And, of course, not to neglect our Butterfly-loving customers, we are stocked back up with super Passion Flower Vines, including the ever-blooming "Lady Margaret" and the popular edible "Purple Possem".  We also have lovely Orange Pagoda Clerodendron that critters love.

In keeping with the supplying you with more all around garden needs, we will continue to have Customer Made Soil for your specimens, as well as pots, and rock for soil coverage in containers.

Also, in this new season, we will continue to have more starter plants, as well as cuttings etc, for the budget-minded gardener !

So, please join us at our Opening Day of Market, and as always, we will be there every week to give you lots of Plant Power specimens to fill your homes and gardens with earthly delights !

Here's the scoop:

Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete
Al Lang Field Parking Lot (1st street and 1st avenue south).
Every Saturday  9am-2pm
We aim to make it easy for you - pick out your selections and we are happy to hold them while you shop at Market - We have strong hands to help get your purchases to your vehicle - We have delivery options, just ask !

Also, we want to add - In keeping with the Market's aim to eliminate Single Use Plastic Bags, we urge everyone to bring your own bags or containers.  We WILL have recycled plastic, as well as Paper bags to protect your purchases. Let's all work together to protect Mother Earth in this endeavor !

Mitch Armstrong Nursery & Annie's Plant Pallette are licensed Tropical Plant nurseries with the state of Florida.
We do not have a retail location, but you can find us weekly at 
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, and various Spring Plant festivals around the state
We can also provide service for private appointment in St. Pete

Mitch Armstrong, Owner, Mitch Armstrong Nursery
Annie Sprague, Nursery Manager
Annie Sprague, Owner, Annie's Plant Pallette


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