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Friday, May 18, 2018

Summer Market at Williams Park

Greetings all, now that the Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete is winding down from our 15th season, don't forget that Summer Market starts up at Williams Park, downtown St. Pete, just a few blocks away.

Williams Park is located between 3 and 4th streets, between 1st and 2nd avenue north, St. Pete.

There is plenty of parking garages and street side parking  in the immediate area. Williams Park is a safe, gorgeous, Oak shaded area, and over 50 of your favorite vendors will continue to be part of the Summer Market from June through the end of August.

Summer Market hours are 9am-1pm.  Pretty much rain or shine, except for bad lightning storms !

Armstrong Nursery will be located as usual, at the northeast corner of the park.  The nursery will continue to bring your favorite mini succulents and cacti, Desert Rose, as well great shade/house plants, and exotic tropicals.

Summer Market begins Sat. June 2nd, and Armstrong Nursery will join up with them on Sat. June 9th.

Thank you for continued support to Local Talent, Artisans, Fresh Produce, Ready-to-eats goodies and fantastic botanical wonders !

Also special notice!!!  The blog and personal emails recently,  have had inquiries about the Christia Obcordata (aka Butterfly wing) plant that was available quite a few years ago.  Unfortunately, Armstrong Nursery does NOT currently have it, nor do we know of any sources for it currently. It is quite a challenging plant to grow and the grower that we worked with years ago, lost their last crop of it and did not choose to continue with it.    If you are able to find a source, please let us know, we would love to have it too again !

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