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Friday, December 15, 2017

Greetings all, and we just want to say, we need 8 days a week, haha, the time just goes so darn fast so here we are late blogging for this week, but it's worth it, promise !

Yes, so, at left, beautiful South American Tillandsia that thrives on our home porch, and as you asked us, yes, we have Tillandsias (Air plants) Big time this weekend at market, and they are all showing glorious holiday colors, so don't miss out. We also have some very coooool shells, that can be great homes for these babies.
Look for our resident Super Helper, Susan, to teach, inform and get you excited about Air plants !

Last Saturday at market was a wild and wooly day...a bit of sun, a bit of clouds, a bit of rain and a Lot of Wind, phew, but we all managed to make it through the day and are so grateful for the thousands of customers who still turned out. 

The new Super Hot Pink Poinsettia went flying out of our booth along with our gorgeous Xmas Cactus, and we are restocked for this weekend, yeah !

Also, last weekend, on Sunday, we had a great time at the Largo Botanical Gardens in Largo for their annual Holiday plant sale and practically sold out, and, so many people were happy for us to turn them onto the Garden Seasonal Garden Light show that goes on till the end of the year.   If you get a night to do, highly recommend..the garden is not so huge, that it is a great time for all ages to enjoy and not wear out your feet !  And it is user friendly to all ages..the paths are lit brightly so easy to keep an eye on the youngins as well as plenty of room for your party, even if including wheelchairs, they go the extra mile to make it a wonderful experience for all.

So, one of the plants we highlighted last week, the Orange Paint Brush Ginger, got lots of oohs and aahs and comments and were picked up quickly. We have a few left, still budding, so come to market to get this treasure.

See that plant on the lower right of the pic? This plant is also a winner in our mind for shade gardens and indoors, kinda called a weird name, "Rattlesnake" Calathea, and it became more widely available a few years ago, and it's a staple with us...slow growing, only gets about 18", with wavy spots on the foliage, it's a showstopper and in our experience, one of the coolest low light plants we have seen in a long time.

One of both of ours new favorites is "Kalenchoe synsepala"     This cutie has such marvelous coloring around the edges and puts out 6-8 inch long straight shoots of new babies.  And, it's not "pokey" ie, won't hurt your fingers, a big plus in our world !

These are just a few highlights of plants at our market this Saturday, along with colorful Bougainvillea and other goodies, and, another great thing.....

Back, by popular demand, we have gorgeous Cedar Birdhouses..the perfect gift for yourself or the gardener in your life.

Each birdhouse is unique, made of Cedar and Barnwood, decorated with moss,  Pine cones and grapevines, they are beautiful and useful, Birds will use them !!

We have to go a very long way to get these beauties hand made by a secret super-woodworker, but we know they are worth it.

Don't forget..yes, it's the holidays, but for us, like all nurseries, the work never stops and we will continue to bring you great plants and decor that will make your holidays shine, as well, keep your gardens going all winter long.

Here's the scoop:
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, at Al Lang Field Parking Lot
Market hours 9am - 2pm

Can't make market? We are available for any last minute holiday gift ideas, as well as on-going plant wishes, just email or call us to make a private appointment at our private home nursery in Northeast St. Pete.

Happy Holidays !

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