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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Air Plants - Easy Gardening ! July 20 2017

Greetings all and July is whizzing by us fast.

We know it's hot out there and most people are not in the mood to be planting major things right now, so we have two great alternatives !

 We have back in stock some beautiful specimens of various species of Air Plants (aka Tillandsias), and no digging of holes is required !

Most of you know of the native Air Plants you may see up in your trees - they are cool, but not all that colorful.

That's why we concentrate on different types from Central and South America - all very interesting in their own way, all shapes and size, and very, very colorful.

 Air Plants are so cool because you can do almost anything with them, because they do not require soil, or fancy pots, or digging in the hot summer days.

Many of our customers use them in Shells, attach to driftwood, put in water-less containers - there is thousand different ways to display them.

A good watering or heavy spritzing once a week does them good, and they will continue to thrill you as the Mother plants will put out babies who keep doing the job of keeping the plant going, and providing new color.

Another alternative is our favorites, mini succulents and cacti, and we are back from a hunting trip with hundreds of new, fresh specimens, and we always look to have the uncommonly found ones.

Whether you like them spiky, yet soft....

or even spikier....

or soft and colorful.....

We have loads of possibilities for you to add to existing succulent and cactus gardens/pots, or leave them in their little pots and line your windowsills for a dramatic little piece of plant heaven in your homes or offices.

We had great no-rain day at Market last weekend, and amazing crowds, and it looks to be the same this Saturday so come on out and stop by at Williams Park Saturday Morning Market and check out our little Garden of Eden at Market, and don't forget you can get your fresh produce, fantastic cheeses, and breads, great things to eat there, and things to take home !

And don't forget, if you can't make Market day, feel free to contact us to set up an appointment in St. Pete during the week for your plant buying needs.

Thank you for continuing to support our little nursery and supporting the local market scene !

Annie & Mitch
July 20, 2017

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