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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Williams Park Summer Market Time !

Greetings all, It's Time for Summer Market !

This time of year, lots of us vendors move to Williams Park, downtown St. Pete for the Summer Market season June through August.

The park is a lovely location downtown, with towering shady Oaks, winding walkways and you can still find great Produce, Food products, Artisans, Live Music and us, the Plant Vendor !

Summer Market hours are 9am-1pm, rain or shine (except if it starts lightning, then we head for shelter!). You can find Armstrong Nursery on the NE corner of the market at 2nd avenue and 3rd street North. We will have a convenient pick up point for your plant purchases if needed, very close by.

During the Summer Market, we will continue to bring you Unusual Exotics, Butterfly Friendly plants, Desert Rose, Landscape Plants and of course, our popular Mini Succulents and Cacti.

Summer Market is a great time to strut out some of Mitch's favorite rare plants from his private nursery. One of Mitch's favorite plants is amusingly called the "Sharktooth Cactus" Hanging Basket.

A fragrant night bloomer, she has long legs draping down from the pot with unique sharktooth-like petals.

Another unique specimen we have is the Rare "Superbum" Staghorn fern. It's uniqueness is from the way it grows. I "borrowed" the 1st pic from Pinterest as we do not have that large of a specimen to show, but you can see how it grows up and down...very cool !

One of the newest succulents we have been carrying its the "Tiger Jaw" Succulent (Faucaria tigrina) which is Annie's current favorite addiction!  A clumper, she doesn't grow very high, but multiplies outward and has an amazingly huge yellow flower.

The flowering happens mid to late afternoon into early evening and we have observed it reflowering for up to 4 days in a row before it is spent. Once that flower is spent, it immediately goes in to forming new clump and new buds.  Contrary to some information on the web that says it will not flower on a shady day, it has been our experience, it will, even going as far as us opening a closed box that contained it, that was in full bloom.  The uniqueness of its petals and the "teethlike" ends (which are very soft) just makes this an exciting succulent. We try and have specimens for you that do have buds ready to open or are near to it. (Annie's note: most succulent do not put a huge bloom, this is the Exception..she's gorgeous !)

What else ? You just gotta come see us ! Thanks for supporting us and all our vendor friends as we aim to work hard and be there for our supportive customers as we continue to survive, in our own way.

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