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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend !

 This pic is of my Gramma Jane.she wasn't my real grandma..actually the mother in law of my sister, who I was blessed when I was a very young Mother, to have in our lives.

My own Mother passed away 17 years ago, and I was very blessed to have Jane in my life when I was raising a young son.
We had many adventures and lots of great lunches and outings, and Jane was always the one to buy my son his Winter jacket.

Jane was also a great gardener...nothing big but she appreciated every little flower that grew in her garden.

I think, like most, that Mothers Day does not just encompass our own Mothers, but Mother figures in our lives, whether it be inlaws, sisters or friends.  I have been very lucky that the Mothers, in every shape and form, have given me the gift of gardening and loving plants and I have learned and appreciated their histories.

Today, Mitch and I were at Lowes aka Big Box store, to buy some stuff for the house, and we witnessed people buying beautiful flowers and plants for their Mums. What woman does not want flowers ?!  It doesn't really matter whether you buy them from the grocery store or nearby plant nurseries, flowers are just something that speaks to our doesn't matter if they last a week , or months, or a living plant speaks to all women....

So..maybe you come to Saturday Morning Market this weekend to find something special for the Mother figures in your life....maybe you visit our booth and find a beautiful plant  that speaks to your heart...maybe you think Cheese ! or Fresh herbs ! or a beautiful scarf ! Or  a great new sun hat ?! I guarantee you will find something that will speak to you heart that you want to share with the special woman in your life.

Let's not just celebrate this day , but everyday in between, and in the past. that those Mother figures have given their love, and support and helped us to be who we are.

Gramma Jane passed at age 93 in 2001, I will always miss her and I will always bless the day she came into my life.  She taught me that even a weed can be beautiful.

See you at Market tomorrow, looks to be beautiful weather and we have some beautiful plants for your garden.

Saturday Morning Market
Downtown St. Pete
Market hours 9am-2m

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