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Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Paddys Day Weekend at Market Sat. March 18th, 2017

Happy St. Paddys Day Weekend !

We are back from a tremendous show at Leu Gardens in Orlando last weekend, and ready to rock and roll back at our home base of Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete.

The Market will be back in its usual place at Al Lang Field Parking Lot, after a super fast cleanup from the City of St. Pete and the Grand Prix Crew.

Like the rainbow shown here, we have some amazing color for market on Saturday.

Everyone loves this Celosia and the butterflies and bees equally love it too. Sun loving, the blooms are gorgeous with this perennial.

It's the time of year when Fuchsia starts showing up and we have some gorgeous hanging baskets, as well as small pot specimens for your gardens.

It loves shade/filtered light and can tolerate some morning sun.  Along with good air circulation around them and keeping the foilage on the dry side, these will give you many months of gorgeous color.

Canna Lilies are always a real winner in the garden and give great long lasting color all year long. A non-invasive clumper, they will continue to form new spikes all the time.

Canna love sun and good moisture and these dark orange varieties really give you some banging color in the garden.

It's Tropical Hollyhock time and we have some huge specimens in the dark red and peach variety.

Along with a huge fresh assortment of Mini Succulents this week, we have these cute little "Life Saver" plants.......they put out an amazing bloom that looks like it is hand painted !

One more beauty for your shade garden is the beautiful large leaf Tibouchina. We have adults and babies that will soon be blooming and giving you long lasting blooms all summer into Fall.

Join us at Market and visit our Mini Garden Center that we set up each week - You will be sure to find something special for your House, Porches and Gardens !

Note:  Our next big Plant show is the Greenfest! Show at the Univ. of Tampa, downtown Tampa, next weekend.  Stay tuned for details.

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