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Friday, July 22, 2016

Butterfly Wing arrives and color color color ! July 22 2016

Greetings all, we are so excited because we have some amazing things happening around our nursery right now ! Here are some highlights.......

 Christia obcordata, aka Butterly Wing plants are here, and they are gorgeous !  Grown in a Deco pot with a cute Butterfly pot ornament, they are some of the nicest we have ever had.

These have been grown in 1/2 day sun, so while they will take bright shade, they will also thrive in morning sun hours around here.

And, this time of year, they are easy enough just to keep in these pots and place in morning sun in your garden, or on your porches and lanais.

Look who's blooming ?!  Yup, this time of year, our lovely Big soft leaf Tibouchina heteromallas, have started blooming.  We always look forward to this spectacular long lasting bloom and they will keep blooming way into Fall.

We have a few mature plants, and Annie will also be bringing cuttings to market to sell.

Hot summer time can be rough around here, but these blooming Cannas just thrive in our heat and sun. Being a bulb, they constantly produce new shoots nearly all year long.

We have them in yellows, orange and pink varieties ! Cannas can be planted in the ground, but they do quite well in containers too, for easy care.

Beautiful Desert Rose always wow a crowd and these are no different. They really have started blooming like mad the last 2 weeks.

We love these in containers for their ease of care, and you can control the moisture level much easier.

These Red "French Kiss" Gingers  are one of Annie's favorites.

Most times, you find these available as a shade plant, but these have been grown in full, all day hot sun and they are loving it.

An evergreen Ginger, see the yellow blooms coming out of the Red spikes? They are actually edible, tasting very quite sweet.

The butterflies and bees love this plant, and again, easy care whether in-ground or in containers.

These lovely Ground Orchids are blooming their hearts out. The do best in bright shade or some early morning light.  Easy care, blooming all the time, they make a spectacular showing in any garden.

One of the treasures we brought back from a recent road trip, are these gorgeous Curcumas.  The color is a purplish-red, quite striking against the red veined foilage.  They are blooming now and are producing more baby spikes.

Loving bright shade or morning sun.

In the background peeking out, you see another one of Annie's favorites, Alocasia zebrina.  The dark foilage has white veins running through out. The Zebras love shade and again, put them in container, or in-ground in your shade garden, the leaves are long lasting, constantly producing new shoots.

We are restocked with the Pink Quill tiny bromeliad that produces a purple bloom that smells like cinnamon !  The blooms last 3-4 days and the pink quill will keep its color for months.

They are the perfect size for a sunny window sill, inside a bright spot in your house, or outside porches. No need to replant, they can live in these small pots for a long time !

They make the perfect little gift for someone, if you are on a budget, and many of our customers have been snapping them up just for that reason.

We are also restocked on gorgeous Mini Succulents & Mini Cacti.

The 3inch pots are popular as they are easy to maintain, only needing water once every 2-3 weeks, and they are so versatile for use in home and garden. Remember, they do NOT need full sun to thrive, they will do quite well in bright shade outdoors, or in sunny spot in your house or office.

Well, these are just a few samples of some Garden Magic happening around here, and we can't wait to bring them to Saturday Market tomorrow.  Remember, if you can't make market, feel free to call or email us for appointment to check it all at our private nursery here in St. Pete, during the week.

Here's the scoop:

Williams Park Summer Market
*every Saturday all summer long*

The park is bordered by 3rd & 4th Streets North, between 1st and 2nd Avenue North - Market Hours 9am-1pm - plenty of on-street parking all around. Look for us in the Northeast Corner of the Market under the shady Oaks.  We have an easy pick up area on that corner for you to drive up and get your purchases.  We are also happy to provide delivery to the local area of Downtown, Southeast and Northeast St. Pete.

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida. We do not have a retail location, our "store" is the Sat. Morning Market in St. Pete, FL, area Botanical Shows and Special Pop Up markets around the area.  Keep up with us and our schedule at:
Find us now on Facebook too ! Mitch Armstrong Nursery

Can't make market? Please contact us to arrange a time during the week to tour our private nursery here in St. Pete !

Just email or call us to make an appointment !

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