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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Green Thumb Festival this weekend !

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Greetings all, and yes, it's Green Thumb Festival time again !

Come join us and over 120 other vendors at Walter Fuller Park, St. Petersburg, FL as we celebrate "Earth Weekend".

A lovely pic of our booth from last year sure brings back great memories and we are ready to make new ones.

Vendor map of the park - here's how to find us - see the car logo on bottom that represents the parking lot? As you walk down the pathway into the event, just past that first horizontal side walk, just 3 spaces down, on the right, you will find us ! Booths 65-70.

This year, our booth will be even better, with lots of glorious Butterfly Gardening Plants, Exotic Tropicals, Succulents galore, special rare offerings from the personal collection of Mitch Armstrong and of course, we are Hollyhock Central !

We have gathered our best workers and friends to help in the booth - just look for us in our new shiny Blue shirts.

We expect this to be one of the best festivals yet, as it is the 30th Anniversary of Green Thumb, and the City of St. Pete along with hundreds of vendors and volunteer will be there to welcome you all !

Green Thumb info:

First, besides us, there will be many of your favorite St. Pete Saturday Morning Market vendors at Green Thumb, so seek them out and see what new they have for you too.

Second, Bring your CARTS ! - DON'T mean to shout, but it's important, because we know you will see lots of great stuff to buy and need to get it to your vehicle. Carts can be anything from a fancy garden cart, to wheelbarrows etc, use your imagination.  That being said, you will find many young enterprising kids with carts to help you -just give them a nice tip and they will help you out. Note: We only allow the young kids associated with us to help collect your purchases ,and take them to the main entry of the big parking lot, where you can drive up. They are not allowed to go out into the far reaches of the parking lot, for their own protection.

Third, get there early, if you can ! The best stuff gets picked up early, but wise vendors such as us, continually stock our booths throughout the day, and again on Sat. evening, so Sundays, you will still find great plant stock and items.  It gets crowded, be patient, have fun and don't forget to keep hydrated and fill your tummies with yummy foods from the Food Court area.

4 - There are limited bathrooms in the Center building itself.  There is air-conditioned portable bathrooms down by the food court - much nicer !

5 - Make the rounds of the vendors but don't forget the many non-profit and city informational booths, as well as plant auction areas.

6 - Most booths, such as ours, take cash or credit cards - we do not take checks. There will be an ATM located at the show.

7 - Parking - There is a large parking lot located on the north side of the Park. There is also street parking in the neighborhoods surrounding it, but don't forget to look for signs and please don't block neighbor driveways.

8- Have fun, stop by and visit, stop by and buy ! We usually have anywhere from 8-10 people assisting in our booth and our aim is to serve customers promptly, educate about our plants and have you walking away with a smile.

Here again are the dates and times and locale:
Saturday, April 23rd 9am-4pm
Sunday, April 24th 9am-4pm

Walter Fuller Park is located on the west side of St. Pete, West of the Tyrone Mall area. The best way to find the park is to come in from the south at 22nd Avenue north and 80th street, or, from the North, from Tyrone Blvd and 80th street.

We can't wait to see you all !
Mitch, Annie and Our Team

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