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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Leu Gardens Botanical show this weekend

Welcome Spring.  This weekend we are off to set up at stunning Leu Gardens  Botanical Park in Northwest Orlando.

Leu is probably our favorite Botanical Garden with such a wide variety of different gardens, landscapes, giant bamboo, Butterfly gardens, and of course, as seen on pic at left, their gorgeous Rose Garden.

Thats where you will find Armstrong Nursery, right behind the Rose Garden in our favorite corner of the back of the garden, right next to the famous landscaped "clock".

Admittance to the gardens is FREE this weekend, and customers from all over the state travel to this show because they know they will find fabulous plants. With over 75 vendors spread out across the park, each with their own specialty, it is more than a plant show, it's a happening!

The show runs Saturday and Sunday and an easy drive from the Tampa Bay area. We hope you can come..bring your carts !

We are bringing some of our favorites, Tropical Hollyhocks, lavenders, passion vines and more, and Mitch has pulled out some special rare things from his collection !

Saturday Morning Market is closed down this weekend due to the Grand Prix car race but market will resume next weekend, and we will be back at our home turf at Market bringing you some great product for your Spring and Summer gardens.

We are particularly looking forward to getting away to Leu this weekend, it has been a week of challenges, from Mitch and I still trying to recover from recent Flu bug, to A/C breaking, to Internet access non-accessing, to all those other things that creep up on all of us on any given day, and especially, our hearts are heavy on losing our beloved Kitty " Baby Girl" to a stroke last night; This week also brings on the anniversary of the birthday of our wonderful best friend and nursery helper, Ricky Oliver, who we lost 5 years ago.

They say that that "there will always be struggles, you just have to pick the one to struggle with".  Mitch and I are lucky to have found one another to go this journey surrounded by very caring family and friends and cherished customers.

RIP Baby Girl, we will miss you greatly.

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