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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Cactus - Got to Love It

Tis the Season......yes, we have all seen, for many years now, the Holiday season starts a long way before the actual event.  While the prevalent thing you will see is Poinsettias, my actual favorite for the season is Xmas Cactus.

It's really an amazing plant and something that Mother Nature provides naturally for the this time of, you ask, where the heck do they all come from, and why do they flower this time of year?

Well, this is another plant family that originally comes from South America. And the secret is, the flower when days are shorter, light is low.....nurseries all around the country put in shade covering and contain the amount of light the plant gets..and soon, waalah, they sprout buds and, if timing is correct, they are in full glory right around the holiday season.

Liking shade outside or indoors, it is about the perfect plant to supply wonder and color. Easy to maintain needing very little water, it is an example of the plant world that gives us joy and color during a time when we all celebrate various holidays.  It's one of those things that "hides out" during most of the year and then, produces a memorable display. How many of us have had Xmas Cactus passed down to us during the years?!

We returned this week from the Mt. Dora show, a treasured place we love and as the plant business as sometimes goes, it was a trying weekend, very hot and humid so it was challenging. We survived it, we treasure the customers that came out, we treasure our dear friends that we stayed with, and came out of it through rainy storms on the road, safe and sound, and maybe not big in pocket, but filled with the joy we know of Mt. Dora....

So, back to Market ! Our Fall shows are done (except for the Largo Botanical show in December, see previous post) and we enter the sweet spot of market time, as we call it...the weather will bring a bit more coolness, our supportive Snow  Birds will come and of course, our loyal followers will continue to come out and support us, and all our fellow market vendors.

This week as market, we are restocked on fabulous succulents and Xmas cactus, Air plants and foliage plants to delight. When we are away, we always are thankful for being back on our "home base" and look forward to seeing everyone !

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