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Friday, August 14, 2015

Old Southeast Market Opens and Summer market continues !

 We are so happy that the weather forecast is calling for a beautiful sunny day tomorrow for the Saturday Morning Summer Market at Williams Park !

With the challenge of so much rain lately, we have lost a lot of market days with is sad for vendors and customers alike, but tomorrow should bring out a full contingent of vendors with all your favorite products.

Our Produce vendors are wonderful with gorgeous displays of veggies and fruits at great prices. Don't forget to visit Pam of The Dancing Goat for fresh eggs and milk.  As always, we get some great bargains and selections from Alice, the Cheese lady and if you have seen the price of Cheese jump lately, Alice's tent is a must-go to for the quality of her cheeses and her prices.

The market is full of fun arts and crafters, along with great foods for eating at market or take home. There's plenty of shade, chairs to relax on and music to delight.  Summer Market hours are 9am to 1pm, and remember, there are only 3 more Summer market days left until the September break, then we start up again in October at Al Lang Field.  We hope to see you there !

This weekend at Market, Armstrong Nursery is bringing out some new inventory with more Lemon Grass, Chaya, Sapphire Showers, Passion Vines & Roses ! Don't forget to check out our clearance sale on our Shells and assorted small tropicals.

This past week, we have had the pleasure of working on landscaping for the new Old Southeast Market located on 3rd street south at 1700 avenue. If any of you are familiar with the area just south of our famous "Thrill Hill", this property has had an amazing transformation and owners Tim & Jim have been working hard to bring an upscale quick market to a historic area. The market is packed with goodies from many of the Saturday Morning Market vendors, Fine wine, artisan beers, local baked goods, coffee and deli.  Every day, they are adding more !  They are operating under "soft opening" right now, with hours of 8am to 8 pm, all week long.

The transformation of this property from then to now is amazing!

Tim, one of the owners, built beautiful window boxes for the front and Annie has had a ball loading them up with yummy Coleus plants.

Lots of hardy perennials and butterfly plants are being added to the property too and stay tuned as we publish more pics of the property and the landscaping.

Tim & Jim, residents of the area, are committed to the movement of improving the old Southeast neighborhood as well as providing products from local sources.  Lots of convenient parking and it's a great stop for local bicyclists.  Bike racks are coming, along with a deck area that will provide outside eating as well as music.  We can't wait to see this continue to evolve and are proud that we are able to support them in their efforts !

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