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Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day weekend June 2015

Ah, the lazy days of summer, which means that many of you (and us) are dividing our time between our gardens and our A/C !

Summer is a great time to enjoy our porches and we love to surround ourselves with lots of Garden Art and Expressions.

June also marks a special time when we celebrate Father's Day, and we have some great ideas for Father's Day gifts at market this weekend.

We know many Fathers, as well as Grandfathers, enjoy gardening and although they may not have time for working a large garden, a smaller, special plant is just right - such as our Sucullents and Hoyas.

Everyone loves Garden Chimes and these large Oyster shell hangings are just right for any porch or lanai. Sturdy with a delicate sound, these are very popular with our customers.

Looking around our own garden this week, this double Rangoon Creeper vine is just blooming it's heart out !  Annie was getting a little concerned as the vine was tending to want to cover the side of the house up to the roof, but then it bloomed, and wow, oh wow, not going to touch it till it's done blooming ! Then it will get a nice cut back and we will root the cuttings for future sale.

One of our favorite flowering bushes this time of year is the Pagoda Clerodendron.  Just gorgeous with bright orange tops and large leaves, they are a standout in any landscape.

New this week at market, we are back in stock on "Lady Margaret" Passion Vines - one of our favorites as she blooms year round and the butterflies love her. With a deep Burgundy flower, she provides a punch on any arbor or fence !

Our Butterfly wing plant (Christia obcordata) is finding many good homes with our summer market customers as well as special orders.  We are down to about 8 of this taller variety, with 20 more coming along.  It is amazing how this plant loves our heat and humidity. It just seems to thrive everywhere from sun to shade and is even tolerant of our sandy Florida soil.

And we have a great new selection of Tillandisias (Air Plants) for you to check out and add to your collections, or, start a new one.

We hope you come visit us at Saturday Morning Summer Market this weekend, at Williams Park. Under the towering Oak trees, it is the happening event for Saturday Mornings in our downtown  !

Williams Park is located between 3rd and 4th streets, between 1st and 2nd Avenue north. There is plenty of free parking on surrounding streets and it is a shady, safe place for a nice Sat. morning stroll.  Market hours are 9am - 1pm.
 Saturday Morning SUMMER Market
Williams Park, downtown St. Pete, at 1st Avenue north and 3rd street
Market hours 9am - 1pm
Every Saturday through end of August

Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida. We do not have a retail location, our "store" is the Sat. Morning Market!
contact us at:
(note: Can't make market ?  Feel free to call or email us to make an appointment in St. Pete )

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