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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL Spring Plant Sale

We know it is definitely Spring, when it's time for us to journey to beautiful Leu Gardens in northwest Orlando, for their annual Spring Plant Sale.  One of our favorite shows in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens of our grand state of Florida, this sale attracts thousands from around the state to come visit the gardens (for free !), check out over 50 plus high quality plant vendors from around our State with all their specialties !

Leu always marks the time when we are able to bring our beautiful Vietnamese Tropical Hollyhocks out, always a crowd favorite.  In bud and ready to bloom in our garden, the colors include Rose, Crimson, Purple and Peach.

In addition, we always like to bring out our most rare, our most unusual, our most dramatic specimens that will please collectors and regular gardeners alike !

From Shooting Star Clerodendron, to aromatic Gardenias, to Passion Vines galore, to blooming Desert Rose, to rare Thai snow Ixora, from Midnight Ginger, to lots of butterfly and bee friendly specimens like yellow milkweed, white Almond bush, native Rosinweed, Celosia, Delphiniums and Foxgloves !

Unusual succulents and cacti, aromatic Lavender and lush White and Orange Birds of Paradise, the list could could on..and does ! 

Note: Since we will be at Leu Gardens this weekend, we will NOT be at Saturday Morning Market, but make a note on our calendar, if you are local to Tampa Bay area, our annual Spring Plant Sale at our house is the following weekend, March 20-22nd..stay tuned for details..meanwhile, here's the scoop on Leu Gardens sale:

Where:  Henry Leu Gardens, Orlando FL

When:  Saturday March 14th  9am-5pm  (member can get entry at 8 am)
Sunday, March 15th  9am-5pm

Bring your carts ! Unfortunately, the gardens does not have a service providing carts for you so we encourage you to bring your garden carts and whatever you have on wheels so you can truly have an easier time of collecting your purchases.

Parking can be a challenge around Leu because it is in the midst of a neighborhood. They do an excellent job with trying to manage the parking space they have, and the surrounding neighborhoods have lots of side road parking..just be mindful of not blocking driveways etc.  TIP: there is a back gate entrance to Leu off of Nebraska street..this is a great "staging place" for you to stage your purchases along with family and friend in-tow, and you can drive up there and pick up easily if you are parked out in front or on side streets. The garden is Big, and this gate is located at the back of the garden vendor display area and a quieter area for getting your purchases loaded up.  TIP: Just inside this back gate entrance is the ICE Cream Truck...a Great place for the patient partners and kids to hang out while you shop ! )

Buying Plants TIP:  The gardens are big and there is lots of walking involved, but then, that's half the fun but we know you don't want to have to backtrack too often.  Our advice?  If you see something you like, Buy It Then ! This is a big sale and thousands of people will be trouping through and the chance that something you like might still be there if you delay, maybe Not !  Many vendors, like us, are happy to "HOLD" purchases, so if you buy on your rounds and want to stash your purchases, make a note on the Garden Map of places you have to return to pick up. At our booth, we will be giving out our Bio cards with info about your purchase so you can keep track of us :)

More about us, we take cash and credit cards, no checks. We take ALL credit cards as we have the "square reader" that accepts all. We only ask for $5 minimum purchase.  We also go the extra mile to give you info about us, your plant purchase etc, so we will be handing out lots of colorful paper flyers.

Where to find us? We are in Booth is at the back of the gardens, once you go thru the Rose pavilion if you are heading down the center, or you will come across us if you follow the winding pathway.  We have a large corner spot and if you look west from our spot, you will see the spectacular Garden clock !

Okay, hope all of this helps you to enjoy the sale,we look forward to seeing old friends, making new friends and having a glorious weekend in the Garden !

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