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Monday, October 27, 2014

Kids DO make a difference ! Circus McGurkis Happiness

This past weekend while Mitch and I and our crew were at Saturday Morning Market, our Nursery helper, Keisha, along with her 2 daughters and her good friends, set up at a booth at Circus McGurkis, on the southside of St. Pete.  It was Kiesha's daughter's, Lydianna's 12th birthday and she unselfishly spent her day working along with her sister and friends, to raise money to donate to One Voice Foundation, a pediatric cancer non-profit organization.

All proceeds from the sale went to the foundation, and the kids raised $ 400, pretty great, huh?! We could not be any prouder to have such wonderful kids around us and it says a lot about what these kids know is important - which is giving back, because it always pays forward !

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