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Friday, August 8, 2014

Tibouchinas Blooming their hearts out

This past week, we spent some time up at the cabin near Weeki Wachee River, and the big leaf Tibouchina heteromalla we put in there 2 summers ago, was in it's blazing glory - Huge, long blooms and hundreds of flowers !

The tops were about 2 feet long, and the color really looks outstanding against the Thryallis planted around it.

The plant itself, started as a 3 foot high plant in a 3 gallon plant, and planted in a south facing bed, getting 1/2 day of sun.  The plant stands around 7 feet tall now.

Tibs typically bloom from mid-summer to as late as early December, and the blooms are very long lasting.

Once the blooms are done, we recommend cutting the stems back to produce a bushier look for the next season.

We will have Tibouchinas for sale at market this weekend !

Speaking of Market, we are blessed that we are still getting great crowds out to the summer market in Williams Park. Everyone is enjoying the great produce, foods and plants.  Our good friend, Chef Michael, of the popular Michael's Extraordinary Desserts is at market for the month of August and we are so happy to see him, Nancy and all their yummy breads, cakes and desserts. 

Our latest crop of Butterfly Wing (Christia obcordata) is ready and will be bringing lots of them to market tomorrow too.

 There is only 4 weeks left of Summer Market, then we all take a break for the month of September, then back to the new regular Season of the Saturday Morning Market, back at Al Lang Field, which starts October 4th.

Here's the scoop:

Here's the info about market:
Saturday Market at Williams Park- Goes to Sat. August 30th !
Park is located between 3rd and 4th streets just off of 1st avenue north (where the buses go through)
Plenty of free parking on surrounding streets
Safe, shady strolling among the Oaks
Fresh produce and Foods
Arts and Crafts
Plants and yard art
Market hours 9am-1pm.

Can't make Market day? Give us a call or email to set up appointment to visit us !
Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida

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