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Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Summer Market Day August 30th-Great Deals to be had !

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 30th brings us to the end of the Summer Market time at Williams Park. We have had our best Summer Market season ever, thanks to the many people who have continued to come out and support all of us over the summer...a BIG Thank You to all !

For the last market day, Mitch and I are combing the nursery and yard today to find any last treasures that we can bring to market, and practically all will be priced at deep discounts !

This is our last chance to clear out inventory so we can get ready for the Fall season.

We still have gorgeous Bougainvillea, in hanging baskets, and trellis pots, all on sale for only $12 !

We still have some great vines, that are butterfly friendly and ready to cover your fence or arbor.

The one to the right is the Dutchman Pipe Vine, a host plant for Swallowtail butterflies.

On the edible side, we have both the Purple and Yellow Edulis Vines that both produce yummy fruit.
 The vines, regularly $20 each, are on sale for $17 or 2/$30.

Another edible that is gaining popularity is the Chaya Plant..this beauty has gorgeous foliage and the leaves are edible when you boil or steam the leaves. Full of vitamins, and tasty too.  We have 2 left in 7 gallon pots...regularly $ 30, they are looking for good homes for only $15 each.

Chaya trees has leaves that resemble a Papaya leaf, and they produce tiny small flowers.

The rule is to steam or boil leaves for 20 minutes. They are rich in Iron, Potassium and Calcium.

We still have some lovely Mona Lavender plectranthus, which has been an incredibly hardy perennial bush all summer long.

They bloom sun or shade, need a haircut occasionally and do well in-ground, or in pots.

Pest free, they are EZ to grow, even as a house plant in bright sunny areas.

Also on special this week, is Plumbago. It's great for borders, or as a background or filler plant under and in front of shrubs that have stronger frameworks.

It can be pruned for a formal hedge, or used in mixed informal hedges.

The pic at right is a bed in front of the Miami Beach Botanical garden and is an excellent example of the right plant for the right spot.

Incredibly hardy, it blooms most of the year and just needs trimming occasionally.
On Sale at market tomorrow in 1 gallon pots, for only $2 each ! And, we have it in Blue and White.

Well, that's a little peak into some of the great deals we will have, hope you can come on out and support the last market day of summer here in St. Pete and get some great deals.  Note, lots of the other vendors at market have great discounts going too, so it's worth checking everyone out !

Here's the scoop !

Saturday Market at Williams Park-Last Summer Market day,  Sat. August 30th !
Park is located between 3rd and 4th streets just off of 1st avenue north (where the buses go through)
Plenty of free parking on surrounding streets
Safe, shady strolling among the Oaks
Fresh produce and Foods
Arts and Crafts
Plants and yard art
Market hours 9am-1pm.

Can't make Market day? Give us a call or email to set up appointment to visit us !
Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida

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