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Friday, July 18, 2014

Angel Gardens July 19, 2014

Just for some fun, thought we would share some of our favorite Gardening quotes and sayings as we share some pics from around our garden this week....

Wherever Life plants you, bloom with grace - french proverb

Bloom where you are planted 

He who plants a garden, plants happiness

Gardening is just another day at the plant

Trespassers will be composted

Grow like you mean it

Grow something..anything.....

Grow, damn it !

Our summer,our plants and our customers are keeping us busy in this month of July.  Annie is back from her quick getaway to New England (up there right now, the Hydrangea bushes are to die for right now, blooming everywhere, and the Hostas are just amazing ! ) 

Getting some much needed rain is a welcome respite for our gardens and for our minds and bodies.  Summer Market at Williams Park continues to be a great Saturday morning destination for people in the Burg. We have been blessed with such good weather on market days and everyone really enjoys walking in the park under the towering Oaks that give us much appreciated shade and coolness.

Our Succulents, Cacti and Mini Tropicals are all selling like hotcakes and I can just imagine all the little gardens being made out there with these little, easy- to -care for plants.  Remember, with your succulents and Cacti, be sure they are not getting too drenched in our summer time rains. They really need to dry out and go for weeks without any watering.  Some varieties are more prone to decay if too wet, and we have weeded out those varieties to give you the best, long lasting specimens we have.

Here's some other top selling goodies that we still have in stock:

Egyptian Papyrus
Madagascar Palms
Passion Vines
Butterfly Wing
Mona lavender plectranthus
Shade/House plants

Also, this weekend, our vendor friends, the Schrameks of Tropical Glass Creations will be setting up at the COOL ART show, at the Coliseum, downtown St. Pete.  If you get a chance, highly recommend this very popular mid-summer Arts & Craft Show. Free admittance, enjoy browsing in the cool A/C of over 100 vendors. And if you have never been to the Coliseum, this is a great chance to check this very old, historic building. Plenty of free parking all around too.  |The show runs both Saturday and Sunday, so why not come on down to Market, then head to the Coliseum and tell Steve & Kim, we sent you !

Here's the info about market:
Saturday Market at Williams Park
Park is located between 3rd and 4th streets just off of 1st avenue north (where the buses go through)
Plenty of free parking on surrounding streets
Safe, shady strolling among the Oaks
Fresh produce and Foods
Arts and Crafts
Plants and yard art
Market hours 9am-1pm.

Can't make Market day? Give us a call or email to set up appointment to visit us !
Mitch Armstrong Nursery is a licensed Tropical Plant Nursery with the state of Florida

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