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Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring is near, Spring is coming, Spring into action !
Appreciating this time of year here in Tampa Bay is utmost in our minds lately, still having some cool mornings and evenings and welcome sunshine during the day.

Getting ready for Saturday Morning Market downtown St. Pete tomorrow and our nursery is alive with bountiful color and hundreds of butterflies flitting around.

I think we will get a smattering of rain on Friday but think Market day is going to be gorgeous.

Check out on the left, my blooming Popcorn Cassia - this plant just doesn't quit, blooming often and prolifically and the aroma of the leaves is pure reliving of "movie theatre" time !

When we have Hibiscus, we typically have colors that you don't commonly find, and one example is the stunning Gator Orange Hibiscus shown here. A dwarf variety, but provides constant blooming with a glowing solid orange bloom.

Who doesn't love Cosmos? Such a cheerful flower, they are one of the first to show signs of Spring coming. Behind them is our popular yellow Straw flower, and Gallardia (blanket flower), 2 die hards for any garden or patio.

Mitch loves, loves, loves Sedums, and it doesn't get any better than this beautiful Succulent Garden Bowl. Packed full of 6 types of Sedum and succulents, its a sure winner on a sunny patio or garden step. Loving sun and low maintenance as far as water is concerned.

More Cosmos !

Dahlias are one of Annie's favorite flowers - the blooms are just gorgeous and sturdy and hold up even in windy conditions.

Digitalis (Foxglove) is a hardy perennial around us, we know that for sure, as we have them springing back up on the nursery property all the time.  Long lasting blooms and striking foliage makes this a great tall background in the garden.  Butterflies and Bees love them too.

Perennial Morning Glory vines are a hardy, delicate beauty on the fence line, bursting with blue and magenta blooms. 

Delicate Violas are another one of Mitch's favorites. The colors are just so yummy, you practically want to eat them...oh yeah, they are edible !!

We have much more in stock and now is the time to get those Passion Vines planted that you have been looking to add to your garden.  We have "Lady Margaret", Red Vitafolia, Alata Ceruella, Purple Possem Passion Fruit and Quadrangularis Passion Fruit, along with a great companion vine, the Swallowtail Pipe Vine.

We had a great last Wednesday down at Phillippi Farmhouse market in Sarasota and are sad to say, that next Wed. Feb. 26th will be our last day there for the season, as we prepare for all the big botanical shows coming up.  We hope our Sarasota friends can come up and visit us at Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete, or catch us at one of the area Plant fairs this spring.  We will miss Phillippi, but don't forget, their season runs til the end of April, so you can still get great produce, foods, flowers and art from their wonderful vendors.

All for now, heading out to get that big ole trailer loaded. Hope to see you at Market tomorrow - we can't wait to get there, to get yummy strawberries from our neighboring vendor ladies from Wimauma, stock up on the produce, visit our favorite market puppy, Emmett at the Schrameks Fused Glass booth, grab a snack from Alice the Cheese Lady and nosh on one of our favorite food vendors, The Stone Pizza place !

Also, for our followers down in the Punta Gorda area, Susan and I will be down there next weekend to take part in the MY Arts & Craft fair at Gilchrest Park, right on the water. We love bringing our plants to PG and the people there have always been very supportive to us. So, if you are in the area, stop on by - the show runs Saturday 10 to 5, and Sunday 10 to 4.

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