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Friday, February 28, 2014

  Get it is...yes, Spring IS here, a little early and just in time for a glorious weekend of weather in the Tampa Bay area forecasted!

This weekend, we do double duty, covering the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Pete, and also bringing our Tropical plants to Gilchrest Park in Punta Gorda.

We have a ton of great new stuff, one of which is the outstanding large blooms of the Starburst Clerodendron, shown here. They bloom from Spring into Summer and make a spectacular display in your garden area.   We are also ramping up on our selection of spring and summer perennials such as Sunflowers, Gallardia, Lavender, Geraniums, Cleome and more more more.

We also have some great new specimens for your shade gardens with new ferns, Lemon Lime Philodendron and Peace Lilys.

The Vietnamese perennial Hollyhocks continue to bud out and will be a steady presence over the spring time at our Markets and Shows. Colors include, red, pink, crimson, peach and purple.

We are looking forward to the following weekend, when we head up to the Marion County Master Gardener Spring show in Ocala, our first big show of the weekend.  We will be out of St. Pete Market a lot in March and April, so be sure to check out blogs for our schedule.

Hope you can get out and get some fresh air, sunshine and visit your local Markets this weekend !

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