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Friday, November 8, 2013

Spinging into November and we see Bats everywhere !

As the saying goes, "Holy Cow" Batman! And we have just the thing that will have you saying "Holy Cow" too..yes, its the very unusual and hard to find BAT FLOWER (aka Cat Whiskers, Devil's whisker).  While we are at the Mt. Dora plant festival last weekend, several vendor friends had them for sale and we were determined to find a few to bring back to our own customers. We got a hold of 4 and they are all blooming and wow, they are truly an amazing specimen plant.  Come check them at Market this weekend!

Our trip to Mt. Dora last weekend was eventful for the fact that the first day of the sale, it was raining cats and dogs (and poodles). Not only did the skies open up, but the drainage of water coming down the hill (yes, Mt. Dora has hills, lots of them), reminded me of one of my favorite movies "A River Runs Through It"...4 feet out from the curb, the waters made plants, boxes and coolers float.  A few hardy customers were out in full rain gear but for the most part, it was a lost day saleswise.  Luckily, Sunday brought cool, dry weather and the crowds came out to cheer us all on.  This year, the set up was on the street in historic downtown Mt. Dora and there was mixed feelings about the new placement..many of us missed the ambiance and greenery of setting up in the park as we have done for years, but being downtown probably was much more user friendly for the crowds that came out, with parking, clean restrooms and fabulous restaurants all around.

We are back to Sat. Morning Market this weekend and have a huge load of HUGE gorgeous Bougainvillea Hanging Baskets...if you want some color in your life now, come and gettem' !

We also are restocked on Mini tropical plants  for Mini & Fairy Gardens and Terrariums, as well as restocked on a fabulous selection of small Succulents, any of which I had never seen, but we came across a place that had many greenhouses full of them and we were like kids in the candy store, picking out some lovelies for our customers. These succulents will work well in min gardens, on their own on your sunny kitchen shelf, or put them in your Succulent/Cacti gardens.

Many customers have been wanting edibles and we are restocked up on our popular Possum Passion Passion Fruit Vine  and well as have some great organic herbs in starter pots.

Weather is suppose to be clear, dry and coolish for Saturday, so hope you can drop by before you head out to the Ribfest and all the other great things going on in the Burg this weekend !

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