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Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 2013 Market & Plant Availability

Whew, this summer is just flying along and here it is August 1st already.  This past week we got Mitch's hurtin' tooth under control, dealt with dead batteries and the A/C going out on the red truck and through the magic of money, friends and time, things have settled down, at least for now (knocking on wood).

We only have 4 weeks left of Saturday Morning Summer Market at Williams Park, and as always, this time of year, we start running sales on special plant items that are looking for a good home, so we can make room for our Fall crops. So check out the Availability list and see some good bargains !  As always, you can see us at Market every Saturday and we are available by appointment, so we can work around your busy lives too !  The Availability list is at the bottom, after all these cool pics....

These are some of the largest Staghorn Ferns we have ever had.....they are in a 12 inch hanging basket, all ready to hang under your beautiful shade trees or shady porch.

Our Egyptian Papyrus continues to be very popular. We have them in 3 gallon pots, and they stand about 6 ft tall and will grow a bit taller. Loving water, they can actually sit in water, such as a pond, or boggy area, or many of our customers are putting them in containers with a good water pan underneath.

These are non-invasive, and grow by the original clump continuing to put up new shoots.  Salt tolerant too !

You won't find these Madagascar Palms of this size for our price, anywhere !  Known for its great sun and heat tolerance, they are slow growers but can reach 8 ft. plus and put out a gorgeous white aromatic bloom.

The Chaya tree, commonly called a White Jatropha, or Spinach tree. Great Butterfly/bee garden plant.

The leaves look much like a papaya leaf.  It is edible after you boil the seeds.  There are quite a few recipes online about it.  We have seen reference to it's sticky leaf nature but we have never had a problem with it.

We call this "Sunset" Philodendron, even though it commonly goes by "Autumn". It has spectacular large leaves in yellow and gold and red.  Goes great in a shady area in the garden and also makes a great potted plant.

One of Annie's favorite plants, the large soft leaves of the Tibouchina heteromalla is starting to bloom everywhere now.  Long lasting blooms, this striking plant keeps blooming well through Fall.

Here's the Availability list..check it out and email us if you see something you can't live can pick it up at Market or make an appointment to get with us in St. Pete., or call or text 727-742-9265.

Availability August 1, 2013

Rosemary 1 gal 7
Rosemary-in 10" deco pot 15

Sedums 4"- assorted 4

VINES--all 3 gallon--Special summer pricing ! (normally $20)
Alata Cerulla-Blue Passion Flower 15 (or 2 for 25)
Lady Margaret Passion Vine - 15
Incarnata (pink bloom) native perennial passion vine - **special  $12

SHADE/House plants
N Joy variegated pathos- 7 inch pot -  6  (new hybrid, just gorgeous)
N Joy variegated pathos - hanging basket - 12
"Emina" "curly" Fern - 3 gallon - 15  * special sale price
Lemon-Lime Philodendron - 1 gallon - 10
Staghorn Fern hanging basket - 20 (large and gorgeous!)
Spearhead Alocasia - 3 gallon - **special sale  15. 1 gallon - 7
Sunset Philodendronon - 3 gallon -20
Pink Stem Alocasia - 1 gallon - 8

Butterfly wing (Christia obcordata) 8 inch pot - 12  ** Special sale this week
Chines Croton (Excoeceria) 7" 5
Hot pepper-"ghost" 3 gallon - 20
Mock orange-1 gallon - 7
Yellow lipstick Hanging Basket 15 (uncommon color, will bloom in Fall)
White Milkweed (Hairy balls)- Available late August 
Spearhead Alocasia - 3 gallon (3 ft tall and gorgeous) *special 3 gal=15, 1gal=7
Terrarium/Fairy Garden Kits - 12
Mini plants for Terrariums/Fairy gardens - Available late August

Succulent Gardens (ready made) various priced 5-20

SPECIAL sales !
Chinese Fan Palm - 7 gallon - will plant out 3-4 ft high and wide - cold and heat hardy! - **special sale, only 10.00
Egyptian Papyrus - 3 gallon - plant out 6 ft high - sun or shade, clumper (non invasive)- loves moisture - 15.00
Incarnata Passion Vine - 3 gallon $12
Spearhead Alocasia - 1 gallon - 7, 3 gallon - 15
Giant Milkweed (lavender bloom) 3 gallon - 10

Miss Pixie dwarf thornless-3 gallon 10 (grows 3-4 ft, with variegated leaves)
Miss Pixie dwarf thornless-7 gallon 35

Almond bush-1 gal 5
Aloe arborescence1 gallon 8
Aloe arborescence  3 gallon 15
Cassia-popcorn 1 ga -5
Cassia-popcorn 3 gal 10
Chia (white jatropha) 7 gal - 15
Fucaria agave - 3 gallon 30
Legustrum (variegated )5 gallon  * special sale $7, only 1 left
Madagascar Palm - 3 gallon - 20
Milkweed-Giant (lavender flower) 3 gal ** special sale $10
Mimosa ground cover 4
Night blooming Jasmine - 3 gallon 10
Orange Bird of paradise - 1 gallon 8
Papyrus-3 gallon 15
Papyrus-7 gallon 35
Sun beach daisy ground cover 1 gal 4

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