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Friday, July 5, 2013

RIP Byron aka Tie Dye Man

Community markets are special places, for customers to visit, for us vendors to gather together to sell our wares and be part of something special. We are like a family, and when we lose one of our family, it is always sad, but we have the memories to hold dear.

We have been out of the loop and just found out that one of our own, Byron Howes, passed away earlier this week.

He was the "Tie dye" man at Saturday Morning Market, as well as a socially active community member, well beloved in this community.  Our condolences goes out to Nola, his wife and his family.

He set up every week, just across and a bit down from our vending booth and we loved seeing the Tie dye wafting in the breezes. On more than one occasion, those Tie dyes went aflying during some mercurial windstorms that would pop up at market ! We will miss you Tie dye man, and the Market and the surrounding community of his family and friends has lost one of it's treasured ones.  Godspeed, we figure that Heaven is going to look a lot more colorful after you get there.

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