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Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Market continues and surviving TS Andrea

Greetings all, hope this finds everyone safe and sound after the whirlwind days of Tropical Storm Andrea coming through our area.  We fared fine, just getting some much needed rain and no damage to our plant stock.

We had a great opening of Summer Market last Saturday down at Williams Park with a great turnout and happy vendors enjoying the cooler, tree-lined shaded park.  In the coming weeks, more vendors are expected for the Summer run.  Slight chance of rain tomorrow, but suppose to happen after 2pm, so we will be there, set up in the northeast corner of the park adjacent to the 3rd street north stretch between 1st and 2nd avenue north.

NEW THIS WEEK!  We have an exciting new plant available that you will not commonly found and it's a great addition to people looking for ground cover for shade that has color...

This is Jasmine Minima Tri-color.  Dark green foliage highlighted by variegated blooms in White/light and dark pink.

Annie also thinks it would look very pretty in a hanging basket or pretty container that has some height to let it cascade down.

This ground cover is very hardy and having the added bonus of some color for shady areas is a big plus !

Right now, we have them in 4 inch pots and you can check them out at market tomorrow.

We still have some other great ground covers too, for sun, the Pink Mimosa and the Sun Beach Daisy.

Mitch likes to figure on one plant per 2 square feet of space, so you can figure how many you need to fill in an area.

Another beauty Mitch found this week was a gorgeous Rangoon Creeper Vine/bush. It is one of most beautiful ones we have ever seen, grown in a 7 gallon container at present, it would plant out at about 4-5 ft high. Full of blossoms and buds, this is one spectacular specimen plant looking for a good home !

Last week at Market, we quickly sold out of the Passion Vines we brought, and have more to bring this week, including the edible Purple Possem and the gorgeous Blue and white Alata cerullea.

Looking to fill in areas for your butterfly gardens? We still have gorgeous Milkweed, Pink Cone flower, Orange and White Gallardia available.

One of the other things we sold out of quickly was the lovely Egyptian Papyrus and we will be restocked this Saturday. Everyone loves this hardy grass with  it's willowy stems and foliage.

Remember, market hours are 9am-1pm on Saturday, but most of us are there by 7:30 and we will stay around as long as there is customers that are there to enjoy market.  Brady of Mr. I Gottem will have even more great produce this week and I hear the sounds of more yummy foods coming too.  See you Saturday !

Saturday Morning Market
Williams Park, downtown St. Pete
Corner of 3rd street and 1st avenue north
Market hours 9am-1pm
Free entrance/parking
Music/entertainment/40 plus vendors

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