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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summing up Green Thumb and May at Market

As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours, and we believe that happened this past weekend at the Annual Green Thumb festival here in St. Pete....Nope, not rain, but a showering of customers came through the event and made it one of the best shows all of us vendors have had all year, so many thanks to all who came out to support us and everyone.

Thanks to our crew of great helpers, Larry & Susan Sousa, Ginger, Donna T. and Danny for working so hard from the beginning to the end. Scroll on down and see some great pics of our plants at the beginning of the show.

Meanwhile, this coming weekend, we will be back at Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, rain or shine !  We are restocked on many of the most popular plants from Green Thumb and of course, will have new stuff.   Market hours are 9am-2pm, and as long as it's just spritzing and not a total downpour, you will find us on the back row, umbrellas in hand, waiting to serve you.

About half way through filling up our booth area with plants on set up day

Getting the Hollyhocks into place is one of our first priorities. This year we had Purple and Pink and they were some of the largest specimens we have ever had.

Super helper, Susan stretching the hose around to get things nice and watered before start of event. The Lavender, Foxglove and Millet were great front pieces.

Red Ornamental Banana and Orange Shrimp Plant....we love color in our gardens!

Hard to see a bit, but these are huge Stephanotis Vines that were just starting to show their white, aromatic blooms. A vine not commonly found as growers usually just sell the flowers to florist, but as a vine specimen in the garden, it's a beautiful, hardy vine.

We always try to have a variety of specimens for the shade, and Alocasia, Lemon Lime Philodendron, Albo Fern and the new N'Joy Pathos fit the bill.

Passion vines galore !  We are known for having a great selection of Passion vines which Butterfly garden enthusiasts enjoy for providing host/feeder and protection for Caterpillars and Butterflies.

The popular Purple Majesty Millet was very popular this year with customers, along with the Christia obcordata (aka Butterfly wing).  They are flanked by yellow and red Ice-plants which are great ground covers for sunny gardens.

Here, " Miss Pixie" Variegated Bougainvillea hangs out. Another popular choice as it is a dwarf variety and practically has no thorns.

This is the time of year when many of us see our existing Caladium spikes rising from our gardens and here we had a couple of unusual types, surrounded by Bright pink Ice Plants

Hollyhock haven....we are known for bringing you the biggest and the best Hollyhocks. This Asian tropical variety is a true perennial in our area and are happiest in morning sun.  With a long blooming time, they be cut back from new foliage and the seeds can be used for propagation.

Gallardia (aka Blanket flower) is a favorite in our neighborhood and many others because it can take the heat and cold, blooms for many many months and comes back reliably every year.  Behind them is the Lavender 'serenity", one of the most strongest scented lavenders.

The Maple leaf Geranium is one of our personal favorites as it lasts for years and is one of the hardiest geraniums around.  Even when it's not blooming, the variegated foliage makes a striking accent.

The Succulent gardens were popular as well this year and they can stay in these pots for a long time, or be transplanted as is, or split up, into rock and sun gardens.

Front and center is the aromatic Yellow Elder, that provides great nectar for Bees in the garden and behind is the striking Foxgloves..which yes, will do well as a perennial here and will come back next year.

Tall Millet to the left flank the purple Delphinia, the gorgeous lavender and more Ice Plants

Had to include as a last pic, our wonderful event vendor neighbors, the Drapers, who bring fabulous pottery to this and many events and who are just some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Well up into their golden years, they run rings around Mitch and I with their physical do they do that ??!!  They are taking a well-deserved siesta here on Friday afternoon before the weekend show.

That's it, hope you enjoyed seeing some of our plant offerings from Green Thumb festival.  
See you at Market !

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