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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Butterfly Wing plant and Plant Sale this weekend !

Greetings all, this is an update on what's happening with Armstrong Nursery for this weekend going forward !

Note, this coming Saturday, May 25th, we will NOT be at Saturday Morning Market, for the last day of their regular season. The hot asphalt is proving too hot for the plants and for us, but we WILL be participating in the Summer Market at Williams Park, every Saturday, starting June 1st.

BUT, you don't have to go without us or our plants as we are having our Annual Spring Plant Sale at our house in St. Pete THIS's the scoop:

Where:  1331 39th avenue north, ST. Pete, FL 33703 (corner of 14th street and 39th avenue north)

When:  Friday, May 24th, Noon until 6pm-ish, and Saturday, May 25th, 9am to 6pm-ish

What:  Everything that we were planning to bring to Market, plus other great clearance items will be available

Plant inventory - This is a listing of some of the great plants we have available. It is not all inclusive, as Mitch will be bringing more stock up from the nursery and who knows what else we will find around the yard.

BUTTERFLY WING ! Yes, the popular Christia obcordata is available.  They come in 8" pots and we are selling them for only $15.00.  We already have a dozen plants reserved by customers and our total available stock is about 50 plants, so if you want it, get to the sale early !!

Passion Vines - Purple Possem and Quadrangularis (both produce edible fruit); Alata Ceruella, Lady Margaret

Morning Glory - These are perennial plants, non-invasive as their seeds are sterile. Super hardy vine that produces both blue and pink flowers.

 Night Blooming Jasmine- in bud and bloom, and smelling heavenly

Egyptian Papyrus - These tall, willowy grasses love good moisture.  A clumping plant, they continue to send new shoots up.  Height is generally around 6 ft.  We have them n 3 and 7 gallon sizes.

Chinese Fan Palms - we have 3 large specimens, perfect for putting right into your landscape and make an immediate impression. Cold hardy, slow growing and super tolerant of poor soil, taking sun and shade

For Butterfly lovers, we have a great selection of host and nectar plants (including the passion vines above), such as:

Popcorn Cassia - Rub the leaves and you will think you are at the movies !
Candlestick Cassia - just starting the bloom, the yellow sulphurs love them
Giant Milkweed (lavender flower)

Porterweed - one of the hardiest shrubs around, blooming most of the year.
Milkweed - These unsprayed specimens will provide much needed food source for Monarchs
Gallardia (blanket flower) - super hardy, draught tolerant perennial that brings great color to the garden. When you visit our sale, you will notice that most of our neighbors all have them around their yards.

Bee lover special - We have a few of the Almond Bush still - super source for Bees, with aromatic white blooms, that blooms most of the year, super cold and heat hardy

Succulents and Sun hardy, Low water need specimens:
Aloes, Sedums, Ice Plant, Succulent bowls etc

Hot Peppers
Purple tibouchina (small leaf - 1 gallon, all in bloom)
Herbs - Rosemary, Basil

Bougainvillea--Miss Pixie dwarf, thornless bush, with varigated leaves
Tiboucina big leaf
Shade/Indoor plants such as White Bird of Paradise, Chinese croton, purple passion, Polka-dots

We have a some Small exotics left, perfect for Terrariums and Fairy Gardens. Also we have terrarium garden kits and Fairy garden items.

Ground covers - Mimosa, Beach sun daisy, sedums

Flowering perennials - Cone flowers, lavender and more

Well, that is just the tip of the ice berg so to speak, but hopefully you will see something you must have, or at least, come to the sale and get inspired ! It's still a great time to plant and get things established before the long summer. As always,we want to sell you the right plant, for the right price, for the right spot, to enhance your gardens and homes.

See you soon !
Annie & Mitch
Armstrong Nursery

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