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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plant of the Week & Market happenings July 11, 2012

Plant of the week !  " Hula-Girl" Hibiscus

 The Hula-Girl Hibiscus is my of our personal favorites as well as being very popular with our customers.  Having one of the largest blooms around, she adores lots of sun and will give you great color most of the year !

" Market Happenings "

Summer Market at Williams Park continues to be a joy to be set in, with it's shady trees and "ground" rather than hot asphalt to keep us even further cooler.  We have a great spot up by the corner of 3rd street north and 2nd avenue north, right across from one of our favorite vendor friends, Brady Johnson, affectionately known as "Mr. I Gottem". Mitch has literally been in hog heaven every week as he enjoys Brady's Pulled Pork sandwiches along with yummy Collard Greens.

Customers have been loving the plants we have been bringing and right now, we currently are running a special on Aunt Mary's Hand-made Cedar & Cypress Birdhouses for only $20. They make a great gift for yourself and others. It's amazing how many non-local people buy them to take them back home...awhile back, we had a lovely couple that were taking their birdhouse back to Germany ! Birdhouses seem to be a favorite for gifts for Dads and GrandDads too.

Don't forget, you can contact us during the week if you can't make it to Market and we can arrange "look-sees" and picks up at our house here in St. Pete. 

We are gearing up for another "yard sale" ie plant sale, so stay tuned for details about that. Meanwhile, hope everyone is enjoying that we are getting some great rain lately to help our gardens thrive.


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