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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saturday Morning Market ends 10th season this Sat !

I found this cool pic on the internet of  the metamorphosis of a butterfly, which has been happening a lot around our yard lately.  It seems that the butterflies are more prolific this month than ever. I imagine it might be happening since we have over 50 different butterfly attractor plants in the yard.!

Have you also noticed the increased numbers of lizards this year too? Seems since it really warmed up,they are everywhere and we have to do a "dance' not to step on them while walking around the yard. I always forget if they are really "anoles" or "geckos" etc, but I love them all and they are just fascinating to watch out in the landscape as they scurry around looking for bugs and playing with each other.  I have even found that that they love cat food! Yup, as soon as the outdoor kitty, Miss Lily, is finished with her plate on the porch, they "stalk" the plate, and grab leftovers.  Weird, considering I always thought that prey needed to be "moving" in order to catch their eye. Guess they just like the taste of Fancy Feast :)

Well, this weekend is the last day of regular market season down at Al Lang Field, for Saturday Morning Market.  The 2011/12 season caps our 10th year of Armstrong Nursery participating.  We have some glorious plants to bring for the last day and expect a good turn out.  We WILL be participating in the SUMMER MARKET at Williams Park, starting June 2nd, but this Saturday will be the last time we will have our well-known large display/vending area until Fall.

Summer Market at Williams Park will allow us a smaller area to deal with so we will be concentrating on smaller plants, and highlighting Ferns, Tilansias (air plants), Desert Rose, Epidendrum Orchids, some Herbs and container gardens. As it gets warmer through the summer, we realize most customers are "done" putting large plants in to their gardens for the season, but will always be looking for something small, colorful and unusual to add to the gardenscapes and homes.  The summer market hours are 9am-1pm, and the Park is small enough that you will be easily able to find us, along with some of the other regular market vendors. Thanks to the management of Sat. Morning Market for keeping the summer market going which affords some of us vendors a place to keep making a living during the slow season, so come on out and we appreciate your support !

See you at Al Lang Field this Saturday, you can't miss us, we will be the booth area with lots of gorgeous plants and a very Hot Plantman, that we will be icing down all day !

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