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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Week Happenings

Happy Valentines Day to all you plant lovers out there ! Don't you love this graphic? It comes from a great site called Vector..check them out.

Well, okay, I'll just say it, dang, it got cold again out there...not just a bit of cool air, but darn right near to freezing for many of us. Luckily, it was short lived, and a little work covering up our treasured plants got it through.

Many Tampa Bay gardeners have been remarking about our plants "think" it's Spring, since we have had such a mild Winter and our landscapes have been budding and fruiting like mad !

I guess Valentines Day is a good time to think about everyone we love and, everything we love, like Plants !! Hope everyone can take a moment today to go outside, enjoy the sunshine, smell the roses and be thankful for the joy and therapy that Gardening gives us all......go ahead, I won't tell, pat those leaves, compliment your blooming flowers and yell "Butterfly" every time you see one !

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