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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Selby Gardens, Here we come

We are off to Selby Gardens in Sarasota on Thursday to set up for their big botanical show this weekend and we can't wait ! Mitch hasn't done this show in years but luckily, they had some openings for more vendors this year, and they managed to give us a great double booth area in the big back field.

Mitch and I haven't been to Selby in years but Mitch has fond memories of volunteering there when he went through his Master Gardener Class years ago. I can't wait to see the huge Banyan Tree, and the bountiful plants that exist in this magical place.

It's a great day trip for anyone looking to get out of the Burg, just an hour's drive away. Google for all the details about the show and maps etc. Note ! There is an entrance fee of $9, which sounds high, but they are actually discounting it for the show (it's usually $17 !). From what I have heard, it is money well spent. Plus there is outlying free parking with free shuttles, so they try and make it easy for you. I recommend bringing a cart !

With the last minute chance to do the Selby show, unfortunately, we can't be at our usual markets this weekend but will return to them next week.

I am hoping to take pics tomorrow at our set up to give you a tease of the goodies we, and others, will have there, so keep tabs on our blog for more news.

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