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Thursday, January 19, 2012

January in Florida can't get any better weather!

You know the saying, "Stuck in 2nd gear?" Well, then let me ask long does it take to drive from Tarpon Springs down to St. Pete when your truck is stuck in 2nd gear ?! Ha! Well, it took about an hour and half give or take more than a few nervous moments.......Yes, our Ole Truck's transmission started playing games on Sunday and it was a very long ride home from the Tarpon Market on late Sun. afternoon...we took the scenic route (Alt 19 ) and finally made it home safe and sound.

Alas, come Monday,the mechanic's diagnosis was that the ole transmission needed some big time work and so, scrambling our pennies together, it is being worked on and hopefully we will have it back by Friday to get ready for markets this weekend ! If not, anyone know of anyone that has a few hundred wheelbarrows we can borrow??

Speaking of markets, last weekend we had one of the most colorful, beautiful displays I think we have ever had...gorgeous Bougainvillea, Tibouchina, New Zealand Tea, Sambac Jasmine, yummy herbs and tomatoes and many customers went home quite elated with their purchases.

Although it was a bit cool, and overcast, the crowds still came out to enjoy market and it is even suppose to be more gorgeous weather this weekend..quite a contrast from last year,heh ?

Mitch has been busy putting in his carrots and radishes in our new veggie garden, and also keeps busy shooing the squirrels away from trying to dig them up !

We are pleased to see that the cool front from a couple of weeks ago here in St. Pete did very little damage and our plants continue to thrive. We could see some minor damage on leaves, where they look a bit mottled, but overall, it has not affected the growth and blooms on the stock. The weatherman forecasts that this is going to be one incredible nice winter this year -- that's his story and he is sticking with it, so we will see !!

2 More weeks till our exciting show in Vero Beach, meanwhile, our usual weekend schedule:

Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete
Sunday Morning Market, Tarpon Springs

Think local, buy local, support local and what you give, will come back to you ten-fold!

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