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Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 begins with a Big Cold Spell !

Greetings all to the Happy New Gardening Year of 2012. Old Man Winter gave us a bit of a scare this week but we have survived !

As everyone knows, we have had unusually warm weather right up to New Years and to have a sudden Freeze Spell come blowing swiftly in was scary, but luckily, it has been short lived and we will be back to blue clear skies this weekend.

We were not sure whether we would be able to do markets this weekend, but after uncovering our plant stock today and opening sealed up tents and trailer, everything looks amazingly well ! Here at our house in North St.Pete, it got down to freezing both nights, and you could ski on the frost on the driveway in the mornings. But, we had worked hard to protect our plants with tents and multi-layers of plastic and old sheets, plus filled a trailer full that stayed warm by a heater, and it was all worth the effort!

We hope that everyone's gardens faired okay. Luckily, it being a short cold spell, with warming trends during the day, and your hardy-outside-grown plants should have fair well here in the St. Pete area.

Our schedule is:
Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete 9am-2pm, Al Lang Stadium Parking Lot

Sunday Morning Market, Tarpons Springs 9-2, Corner of Alt19 and Tarpon Ave.

We will have lots of cool-weather plant options, more of our very popular Bougainvillea and Crown of Thorns, along with great cool weather Herbs and Veggies.

Happy January and can't wait to start the New Year on a great note with our hometown !

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