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Friday, December 9, 2011

Florida Botanical Garden, Largo Show Sun. Dec. 11th

Just a quick note about our weekend -- tomorrow, at Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, we will have a gorgeous set up with lots of lovely holiday offerings, so come on down and check it out and support your Local Small Business vendors !

Regarding the Largo Botanical Show on Sunday, Mitch and I visited the gardens last night and wow, was it fantastic ! We highly encourage everyone to visit the gardens sometime during the holidays, and best advice, for real plant enthusiasts, get there by 5 or 5:30 when it is still light and you can see all the gorgeous plant specimens in the garden before it get dark. The volunteers at the Garden have done an amazing job of redoing the Wedding Garden area, as well as other parts and this is the best shape we have seen the Gardens in 3 years and you will find many wonderful rare and unusual plant specimens.

Of course, the Light sculptures and placement is simply just amazing. Check out our favorite spot by the forest fountain where the lights dance like Fireflies !! The tour will only take you about a half an hour but trust us, you will want to hang out and enjoy it all for longer. They have Hot chocolate and drink vendors all around, plus Xmas arts and craft vendors during the week. They are only asking for a $2 donation and believe us, it is well worth it. The pathways are well-lit by bright rope lighting and very accommodating to adults and kids, as well as anyone in a wheelchair or walker.

As for the show on Sunday, we checked out our spot and we are just a bit south of the Main walled garden, along a shelled path, next to the white pottery/kiln building -- just look for the signs ! There will be over 50 vendors with Plants, Crafts and Garden Art located all around the event. There is plenty of parking and you can easily drive up near our booths to pick up your purchases, or better yet, bring a cart !

We hope you can make the show, but at least, make a point to visit the gardens with your families and friends, and if you want to make a dinner trip after your garden visit, we found a cozy restaurant called "Savory" just a 5 minute ride away...yummy home cooked food at very reasonable prices with huge portions. To reach the restaurant, continue west on Walsingham from the park, and when it curves around to Ulmerton, take a left and quick right in the shopping center across the way and find Savory !

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