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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ghost Pepper Mania !

Today, Sat. June 4th, is our first Saturday off from market and shows in 8 months and boy, we are loving it ! We will soon be back to work, but this weekend, we are taking the time to relax. We are off to the Hot Pepper Festival in Pinellas Park, FL today and looking forward to seeing some vendor friends as well as check out new product.

Many of you know that Mitch is a Pepper nut--he just loves to grow them, all types. One of our newest favs is the Ghost Pepper (aka Bhut Jolokia Chili Pepper). It is from India and considered to be the HOTTEST Pepper in the world !

The pic here is one of our baby plants, and Mitch spent the morning harvesting seeds, which are now available for sale. We are taking a few packets up to the Festival for people to see.

After this weekend, we will be back to business, working at the nursery, our yard, and working on getting more uncommon and rare plant seeds ready for purchase and mail order. We will also put up an availability list of plants, so check back with us early next week for more info !

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