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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greenfest! Tampa this weekend..ready to go !

We are ready,set, go for Greenfest this weekend in downtown Tampa at the historic Univ. of Tampa campus, right on the river..we have so much great stuff, it will take 2 trips to get it all there, but we willing to lug it, if anyone is ready to buy it ! Got lots of messages about what we are, here's some highlights and of course, we always have some last minute surprises ! The show is Sat and Sun...there is plenty of free parking around the campus, and they do have "carts" available to pick up your plants. We have not been told our numbered spot yet, but we know we will be towards the back of the show, nearest the river, which is just fine with us, so dont' forget to check us out before you check everyone out (but of course, we are hoping it is a great show all around for all our vendor friends)

Teaser list:
Giant Lavender flower Milkweed
Orange w/purple Osteospermum (outstanding Proven Winner)
Mellow Yellow Sedum
New fruits ! Blueberries ! Pomagranet, Barbado Cherry and more
Miss Aimee Gardenia
Bananas !
Bamboo Muhley Grass
"Miss Marie" Anthurium (4 ft tall with unique upright leaves and blooms)
Wollemi Pine
Clusia (aka Signature plant) adults and babies
Thai hybrid Crown of Thorns
Huge Staghorn Fern babies
Oh, and did I mention Blueberries ?! ?Gorgeous bushes full of fruit
Passion Vines gallore
White flowering milkweed
Thai Thai Thais !

Will leave at that and hope you visit us and see the rest of our great selection.....and as always, thank you all for supporting the independent small nurseryman, and nursery woman (!) like us who work so hard to bring you great spirits for you gardens. This spring, we are happy that so many are continuing to support the "Mitch and Annie" show !

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