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Monday, January 17, 2011

January 2011 Happenings and Spring Calendar

(pic) Our giant Mother Tuscan Blue Rosemary in our front yard....4.5 feet high and almost 6 ft. wide!

After a much-needed rainy Monday, our lawns and plants are very happy today !

We had a nice weekend at the St. Pete and Tarpon Springs Markets this weekend. The Snowbirds are definitely in town and supporting all of us. Tarpon Springs Market is still a bit small, but we are hoping the community will come out more and more to support the vendors and the organizers that are working so hard to make it a success.

The absence of our Rickie continues to weigh on us and we have been very lucky to have the support of 2 special friends, Larry & Susan Sousa, to help us at markets and help our spirits. Larry and Susan are retired, but have very busy lives and we are so grateful that they take the time to help and be with us. They both love plants and are both super sellers and their energy and enthusiasm continues to amaze us. They will soon be off to other adventures and we are on the search for new help(ers) that can join the Armstrong Nursery as we head into a busy Spring season.

Speaking of...if you, or someone you know, that lives in Pinellas County area, are looking for an opportunity to work in the Tropical Plant business, let us know. We won't fool ya, its a very physically demanding business, and we need strong backs, along with some plant knowledge, who are willing to work on Saturday and/or Sundays February thru May. Having a truck and/or trailer is an added bonus to who we are looking for, as sometimes, we have multiple events to do at the same time but the truck/trailer thing is not a requirement for general help. We are happy to have applicants that maybe only able to work part time too. Please email us with your interest.

This coming weekend, January 22& 23rd, we will be at Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete, and Tarpon Springs Sunday Morning Market. Both market hours are 9am-2pm.

Also, get your calendars out and start making a note of Springs shows coming up!

Feb. 5 & 6, 2011 Vero Beach Garden Fest, Vero Beach FL
March 12 & 13, Ocala Master Gardner Show, Ocala FL
March 19 & 20 Leu Garden Spring Show, Orlando FL
March 26 &27 GreenFest, Tampa FL
April 1,2 & 3rd, Tropiflora Spring Plant Show, Sarasota FL
April 30/May 1 Green Thumb Festival, St. Pete FL

We some other shows with dates pending and will let you know. For now, see you at Market !

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