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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update on Ricky and another cold night

We visited Rick today in the hospital ICU. He is holding his own and still pretty "out of it". He has a full contingent of IV lines and they seem to be taking very good care of him. His wife Kathy, is there, watching out, as well as his sister Pam, who traveled up from Ft. Lauderdale. Rick's brother from Colorado arrives tomorrow. It is still a wait-and-see game, so please continue prayers for him and his family.

A very long ,cold night last night, and another one tonight. Know many of you in the Tampa area got low 20 temps. Here in St. Pete, we got down to about 30 or a bit below for about 3 hours.

Went outside about 4am, and for all the frost that was there, it looked like a twinkling winter wonderland in the moonlight. Thank goodness for warm sun today. Mitch hosed off all the frost at daylight and we uncovered to take advantage of the warmth today. Covers and heaters go back on tonight, then looking for the forecasted warm up that is suppose to start tomorrow.

The Herbs and Geraniums are holding up amazingly well, and thank goodness, the Cedar Birdhouses don't show any frost damage yet !

Hey weatherman..what happened to that "La Nina" Winter you promised us ??!

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