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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy August Days

This pic is my lovely Rangoon Creeper, that is living in a hanging basket. We are amazed how this plant came back from the freeze...had it hanging under our grapefruit tree, and after the freeze, it was just bare stems about 6 inches long....we babied it, fertilized, watered and waaalah, it flushed back out and has just been blooming like mad the past month. The bloom change color as the day progresses. Going to start carefully doing some cuttings and see if we can propagate some babies !

After doing a few yard sales the past couple of weeks, we are laying low, working on propagating and thank goodness, have had some lovely rain all week that saved us a lot of watering time. We are starting to hear from the Markets and Botanical shows about the upcoming Fall season and are busy getting our ducks in order so to speak about them...have some new shows we are doing and you will hear more about them as time goes by.

We went up to the Seminole Mall Market last Saturday to check it out. It was lovely to see some good vendor friends such as Bob & Connie from Bob & Daughter produce, Deb Thompson and Tamara Leavy. The set up is inside the mall and they are running the market from Thurs-Sundays right now, but most of the vendors are just doing the weekends. They have a fantastic BBQ vendor out in the parking lot, so if you get up that way, check out the vendors and grab some delish BBQ while you are there!

Stay tuned as we get our schedule set up for events coming up !

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